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Hallow-Holics Anonymous Podcast

Hello, and welcome to the Hallow-Holics Anonymous podcast: a podcast dedicated to all things horror and Halloween. So take a seat, sit back, and let the soothing screams carry you to an uneasy rest.

Oct 31, 2018

Happy Halloween! Did you enjoy Halloween? We sure as heck did, and we talk about it too. We also discuss horror pack and what constitutes an 'offensive' costume.

Oct 25, 2018

You want a blockbuster special? Well kid, you got it. That's right, everyone's favorite Halloween movies at long last. No more Loomis. No more Jamie. All Michael, all the time! Can Corey and Maddy survive to the very end? Probably not, but they tried their best! In this episode we discuss H20...

Oct 19, 2018

In this episode, we discuss parts 5 and 6, in which Donald Pleasence plays his final roles in the Halloween series, and Michael gets multiple make-overs. But first, Maddy and Corey discuss the latest horror pack and do a dramatic re-enactment of a questionable fan fiction...

Oct 11, 2018

It's MY party, and you'll die if I get what I'm going for here. The Halloween nightmare continues as we discuss parts 3 and 4, while Jim the Stalker goes on an unnecessary erotic tangent about pumpkin carving, Satan curses the neighborhood kids, Bunker Uncle has a dance party, and we all question...

Oct 3, 2018

In honor of the scaring season, all October we will be reviewing Halloween 1-8, with several 'return guests' to help us along the way. Michael Myers won't know what hit him when Satan, Jim, Sally, Generic Teacher, Gremlins, Corey, and Maddy throw a Halloween party. It won't be pretty.